Our Teacher 老師

Teacher Vita

Vita is a true artist in music and art. She fluent in Mandarin. Having earned her Master of Fine Art in Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she used to work in the movie industry at Disney and Sony as a digital painter.  Later, Vita found her love as an early childhood music specialist, and studies Master of Music in Music Education with Kodály emphasis from the Holy Name University in Oakland. Vita is also a Orff Schulwerk Level lll certified teacher, from the San Francisco International Orff School. 


Vita got inspired to be a music teacher when her daughter was born. She really enjoys making music with her daughter.  Vita LOVES kids. She taught music in the preschools around the East Bay and San Francisco.  Vita developed Go!Mandarin curriculum for parents and kids that she has composed and created. She also leads an Orff ensemble for kids age 6 and up and was a choir teacher with Piedmont Choir. Vita plays piano, guitar, ukulele, percussion, and recorder. Vita truly believes music is a critical part of early childhood development and commits herself into building a community which involved all families and their children through music. In studying Chinese music, children will grow with a stronger sense of cultural heritage and identity.



Current member of 

Northern California American Orff-Schulwerk Association.

American Orff-Schulwerk Association.

Organization of American Kodály Educators.



Teacher Vita now is teaching:


Pre-Orff for kids age 5-6.    奧福小樂團  5-6歲的小朋友   

Orff ensumble for kids age 7 and up.   奧福樂團  7歲以上的小朋友  



Teacher Chih Hui (智慧)

Teacher Chih Hui (智慧) is a well-known "Music Together" registered teacher. She has been connected with music learning since childhood. She was in the school percussion band, marching band, and the school chorus. She discovered her inner music passion again while she was in her children’s music classes such as music together, Kodály, and rock band. She recently restarted guitar and piano lessons, and drums with her son. She consistently creates a music environment at home and engages with kids through music by jamming with instruments, dancing and discovering new music with her kids.


Chih Hui found the importance of early childhood education and language development at an early age. She is pursuing an Early Childhood education and is involved in Mandarin immersion education resources and teaching. She came across Teacher Vita’s Mandarin Music class (music and Mandarin language learning) and she was inspired to get involved in teaching.


Chih Hui believes a child's music and language learning needs to happen in class, and also at home.  She hopes she can share her passion and experience of a child’s Music and Mandarin learning with other parents. Looking forward to sing, play and learn with you and your kids.



Teacher Chih-Hui now is teaching:


Family Music class for kids under 6.    ( Caregiver needs to participate)

家庭中文音樂課.   0-6 歲小朋友.  家長必須陪同參加.







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