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About Class

What is Mandarin Music class?  


Kids Go Mandarin, Mandarin learning for young children. We have exclusively designed multi-sensory creative teaching for kids and learn Mandarin through the music while providing Visual, Aural, and Kinesthetic learning.

In KGM program, we incorporate Orff Schulwerk and Kodály method. Children learn through sing, dance, movement, and play. We provided “Experiential Learning” for children, and increase their enthusiasm for learning Mandarin and basic music component at the same time.

Music is critical in early childhood development. KGM's music comes from folk song all over the world.  In studying Chinese music, children will grow with a stronger sense of cultural heritage and identity.


Curriculum will combine methodologies of 2 pedagogies of Kodály Metood and  Orff Approach to 

build a playful musical environment for kids to learn musicical skills through play.


A typical class 

will include "hello song", " rhythm", " in-tune singing", "body movement time, " fun activities", "puppets and props play”, "Instrument play", "Story time",  "goodbye song".


Music sources will 90% focus on Mandarin songs,  rhymes and communication, and also introduce music from all around the world through the music listening and movement time.


(KGM Online): $170 (No sibling fee)

Refund Policy:  There are no refunds after the 1st class started. (no exceptions). If you cancel your registration prior to the first day of class, you will be issued a full refund minus a 4% tuition. 


Pre-prorate is possible as long as you plan your date off ahead of time. Up to 3 classes pre-prorate. "NO Refund" after your 1st class started. 


Make-ups Policy: 

(Online) No Male-up available. All classes will be recorded and upload to the private Facebook group weekly. If you miss your class, please watch the recorded video, we DO NOT provide the link for you to attend other class.

(On-site) Make-ups by appointment only. Make-ups must be taken during the same semester as the missed class and refunds are not offered after the start of the session. Make-ups are not transferable to another family.

Drop-ins: The drop in charge is $25( non-register). Drop-ins only by special arrangements. Please email: KidsGoMandarin@gmail.com

 Drop-ins DO NOT receive class materials and CD.  

Liability:  The children are under the supervision of their parent or caregiver at all times during the class, thus it is the parent/caregiver's sole responsibility should any injury occur.  Our teachers are exempt from any liability in case anyone is injured during the class.

Audio/Video Recording: In order to honor copyrighted material, electronic recording is prohibited. 

Cell Phones: Please turn them off or to silent during music class.

Schedule /  Registration / Information
*** Registration system for Kids Go Mandarin
        now is combined with Early Start Music.
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